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Lettering World is a tremendous on-line resource for hand lettering and typographic design.  It has an abundance of lettering inspiration, research, lettering stock art for sale, lettering items for sale, and a range of training videos. Lettering World also specializes in creating any type of custom hand lettering, fonts, logos and design work for clients.

Lettering World was founded by Kevin Horvath in 2015. He has a wide range of experience working with national clients. He published and co-created Excellence in Lettering & Typography, a collection of work from the leading lettering artists and type designers in the industry from across the nation. He was also a design class instructor, hand lettering instructor and ran a Letterpress Studio. He has worked at the leading company in the social expression industry, where he was Lettering Design Manager, Head of Font Development & Training, Innovation Studio Manager, and Art Director/Manager of Corporate & Trade Development Design.


• Letter Arts Review - featured article on my work, also showcased on the cover and back cover
• AIGA Competitions - design and letterpress work awarded and chosen for three AIGA competitions
• Kansas City Ad Club - first place award - self promotional work
• New York Type Directors Annual - back to school Hallmark products featured
• Hamilton Wood Type, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 2011-Artist in residence advanced workshop
• Calligraphy Engagement Calendar - work chosen for seven published calendars
• Modern Scribes & Lettering Artists - four pieces chosen to be published in this international book
• Gallery show of work with four others artists at St. Ambrose College Gallery
• Kansas City Ad Club - first place award and best of show- logo design
• 3-Dimensional Illustrators Annual - work published in this international publication
• PRINT Magazine - logo published in this international magazine

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